Noel Hart
began his career in the visual arts as a painter of expressive abstractions. This background eventually enabled him to skilfully utilise molten glass in a unique painterly manner which frequently simulated colour sequences that occur in the plumage of parrot species, along with the environments where they occur.
“The works in this exhibition are the result of living in and moving through subtropical rainforests over the last 30 years. It’s honed my observation skills and awareness of biodiversity considerably, and as an extension the ‘loss of beauty’ through present accelerating worldwide extinction events. I guess I have a somewhat primitive idea about beauty in art, partially derived from observing the inherent power of cave art and its possible meanings, along with my own concurrent painting practice, and then translating it all into these symbolic and metaphoric works in glass. Luckily the team who work with me are up for this challenge as the glassblowing process I employ is both labour intensive and aesthetically risky”.

These beautiful artworks are informed by constant research and experimentation while retaining the artist’s authentic and original vision.