Yusuke Takemura

Yusukés innovative methods are a daring fusion of traditional technique with contemporary knowledge that he has developed to translate ideas concerning human experience, history and place. His intriguing, poetic forms are subtle investigations of making the invisible world visible that belie the technical virtuoso of the artist.

 ‘My current project is focused on self-confirmation(exploration), and asking myself what is me. Clear glass is a very mysterious material, yet, it is a perfect material for me to work on.

I overlap the mysterious feeling over seeing solid clear glass and thinking about my mind that seeing solid clear glass doesn’t give you the solidness of glass, its almost weightless, whilst my mind seems like existing but what I see is just my body(shell), not my mind.’

Yusuke completed his Bachelor degree in glass from Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts. Whilst in Japan under the guidance and training of internationally renowned glass artist Toshio Lezumi he developed a highly skilled technique of glass surface treatment and cutting. In 2009 Yusuke continued his studies in Australia completing a Masters Degree from The University of Sydney. During this concentrated period of studio research he honed his highly specialised skill of cutting precarious organic shapes through fragile glass forms.

His work has been exhibited at SOFA Chicago 2011 -2016 with Kirra Galleries and has participated in many exhibitions both in Australia and Japan. He currently works in Canberra ACT where he continues to develop his technique. He was invited to demonstrate at the GAS (Glass Art Society) conference on Murano, Venice May 2018.

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