For me glass represents a fantastic medium for pictures and shapes. A material that is transparent and almost invisible is better that a blank canvas and can be shaped and filled with almost anything. A sculpture in glass can be looked at, into and through.

I’m using lamination to create some of my sculptures. It makes it possible to seal the engravings inside the solid form. I like to play with people’s eyes. The figure you see inside the sculpture is only a hollow space. I must admit that when I start working the bastards often start to live their own lives, and it isn´t always that the end result looks exactly as the original idea.

I usually don’t get my inspiration from glass itself, instead as so many other artists I get inspiration from nature. A form, a colour, and the movement in the body, and the subtle communication you can get with an animal that show the same curiosity as you do in the interaction.

When I moved to Australia from Sweden, I realised how similar the cultural mentality is. I guess both Australians and Swedes are nature romantics. We have to deal with nature in a respectful way, otherwise it will deal with us. We are not guests who watch and visit the nature once in a while. We are a part of it whether we like it or not.


Linné University Sweden
Graduate Diploma in Education (Adult and Technical Education)

Linné University, Sweden
Graduate Diploma in Industrial Design

University of Lund, Lund, Sweden
Bachelor of Arts
Major in Art History, Minor studies in Ethnology and Architectural History

National Glass School, Orrefors, Sweden
Senior High School/Matriculation course in glass, focus on cold techniques


Since 2011
Teaching artist at Canberra Glassworks.
Practising glass artist – a list of exhibitions is available below.

2001- 2011
National Glass School, Orrefors, Sweden
Senior Teacher in Cold Techniques, Drawing Techniques and Art History

Represented Mats Jonasson/Målerås Glasworks in Japan September

2000- 2010
Peter Nilsson Design and Art, Sweden (Personal design business)
Major clients: BSweden
Nybro Crystal Sweden
Represented Nybro Crystal in Australia July 2001.

1995- 1999
Design Assistant and International Representative
Mats Jonasson Målerås Glassworks, Målerås, Sweden.
Represented the glass company in Canada, Holland, Japan and the USA.

1985- 1992
Apprentice, glass cutter, engraver and design assistant
Pukeberg Glassworks, Nybro, Sweden.
Representing the Kingdom of Glass in Berlin 1989 at ITB fair.


Summer Group exhibition, Siberia 1901, National Glass museum, Växjö, Sweden

Fitout of the Whitehall, Kumulus,Harrods Department Store with self-Designed chandelier
(in collaboration with B Sweden), London, England

Fitout of Creata head office with self-designed chandeliers, London, England.

Permanent chandelier fitout, Jönköping Cinema Centre, Jönköping, Sweden.

Permanent installation, Guardian angel, St.Sigfrid’s Church, Kalmar County, Sweden.

Show, Kirra Gallery, Various pieces, Melbourne, Australia

Group exhibition, EAT, Canberra Glassworks, Surviving the day, Canberra Australia.
Group exhibition, Ciaroscuro, Brenda May gallery, Night travel 1-2, Sydney, Australia, July.

Group exhibition, Third dimension, Kirra Galleries, Various pieces, Melbourne, Australia, March.

Group exhibition, SOFA Chicago, Curated by Suzanne Brett, Kirra Galleries, Various pieces, Chicago, USA, October/November.

Group exhibition, Narrative in Glass, Kirra Galleries, Various pieces, Melbourne, Australia, May.
Group exhibition, Light in Winter, Kirra Galleries, Anenome, Melbourne, Australia, June.

Group exhibition, Light in Winter, Kirra galleries, Take of, Melbourne, Australia, June.
Exhibition, Float, With Ben Young, Kirra Galleries, Various pieces, Melbourne, Australia, July.

Water feature for Urana school Canberra
Group exhibition, Fresh glass Canberra Glassworks, Freja, Canberra Australia, September

Group exhibition, History Repeated, Craft ACT, Sub rosa, Canberra Australia, February.
Group exhibition, Virituoso Kirra Galleries, Various pieces, Melbourne, Australia, February.
Hindmarsh Prize exhibition What once was, Canberra, Australia, June.
Group exhibition Animal tales Tuggeranon Art Center Various pieces. December.