Lisa Simmons

I am able to draw on my graphic design and illustration backgrounds to create colour and design themes to produce flame-worked glass bead jewellery.

These flame-worked glass beads are made over a single fuel torch using Bullseye glass.  Glass is melted over a flame and then coated around a stainless steel rod, then shaped and decorated. Some beads have many layers, colours and patterns, taking an hour or more to create. The finished beads are kiln-fired slowly to produce strong durable beads.

I create four ranges a year, coinciding roughly with the seasons. When creating a range I start playing with patterns, colours and shapes and let the process take me where it does –  with no real plan.

When I have produced a quantity of beads I start sorting and grouping them until I decide what works well together and then continue until I am happy with how it looks and hangs as a piece of Jewellery.


Diploma of Graphic Design. Prahran College


Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Freelance Illustration – Advertising
Children’s Books – Educational
Gallery Exhibitions
Fabric Design
Illustration Lecturer, Prahan College 1992-1996


Glass Bead Making course with Kathryn Wardill


Producing Flame worked beads which are made into one off pieces of jewellery.
These included earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.
My work is sold and exhibited in Metro Melbourne and outer regions.


I have continually exhibited throughout my career as a glass bead maker at galleries around Australia.
These exhibitions included the yearly Flame on Glass Exhibition at Kirra Galleries,
Federation Square Melbourne where I also demonstrated glass bead making.