Lisa Simmons

I am able to draw on my graphic design and illustration backgrounds to create colour and design themes to produce flame-worked glass bead jewellery.

These flame-worked glass beads are made over a single fuel torch using Bullseye glass.  Glass is melted over a flame and then coated around a stainless steel rod, then shaped and decorated. Some beads have many layers, colours and patterns, taking an hour or more to create. The finished beads are kiln-fired slowly to produce strong durable beads.

I create four ranges a year, coinciding roughly with the seasons. When creating a range I start playing with patterns, colours and shapes and let the process take me where it does –  with no real plan.

When I have produced a quantity of beads I start sorting and grouping them until I decide what works well together and then continue until I am happy with how it looks and hangs as a piece of Jewellery.

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