Jennie Merritt

Jennie creates flamboyant necklaces and wearable art using hundreds of sculptured glass flowers and leaves.

I was drawn to flame working by my love for making jewellery. I made my first glass bead in December 2009 and since then have been mesmerised and frustrated at times, by the action of melting and forming glass. I am mainly self-taught from books and the internet and I believe this has enabled me to experiment more freely. For me, being a glass artist means freedom to try new ideas, never wanting to conform or be similar to others. I especially love working glass with metals, such as my headpins. The glass is melted and formed directly on to fine gauge wire, that I then wire on to bases to create jewellery pieces.

My work is not always shy and retiring. Some are statement pieces, but that is the beauty of being in control, and being able to produce what is in my heart and mind at that time. Being unique is something I strive for and hope I am achieving. Recently, I have challenged myself to create bigger sculptural pieces from my small wired components.

My first work of this type “Fragile Armour” was exhibited in July 2017 at the Glass + exhibition in Perth, West Australia where it won the Peoples Choice Award. I am currently working on the second piece in the series of this work alongside creating my usual jewellery items.

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