Within my practice I am concerned with assigning form to express interconnectivity. These floating components are derivative of biological forms.

Harriet Schwarzrock’s studio is a warehouse situated in  her backyard in Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia. She and fellow glass artist /partner Matthew Curtis, run a hot glass studio where they melt their own colour in  the furnace, blowing and casting glass and producing sculptural objects for exhibitions and commissions.

The scribed series is one of many evolutions within the narrative of her work.

“This work is concerned with scribing words to trace and loosely render their meaning through fluid compositions. These objects present a simple contemplation of stilled movement, communicating and presenting breath, rendered in blown glass forms. I wish to continue to explore this interplay within the fluid structure of this material. To present work which illustrates both a sense of aesthetic balance whilst addressing cycles of fluidity and connection.”

Harriet has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and the USA. Her work is widely collected and her piece ‘Breathe’ won the sculpture prize in the 2014 Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize. She was the Art Group Creative Fellow for 2017. This fellowship has enabled her to work in a studio at the Canberra Glassworks on her major installation works involving blown glass and neon lighting which currently occupies most of the Canberra Glassworks gallery.


Hearts & Minds, Canberra Glassworks, ACT. Australia

‘Defining Moments’ Canberra Glassworks, ACT.
‘Exquisite Nature Exquisite Neon’ Suki & Hugh Gallery, NSW.
‘City of Design’, Craft Act Members Exhibition.
‘History Repeated’, Craft Act and Corning MOG Collaborative concept.

‘Reflections’ Parliament House, Canberra ACT.
‘Light Lines’ project with Sarah Rice at Canberra You Are Here Festival.
‘Interconnected’ Form Gallery Queanbeyan.
‘Fresh Glass’ Canberra Glassworks
SOFA Chicago, Kirra Galleries, Melbourne

‘And So It Begins’. C5 Gallery, Canberra.
Winter Lights, Kirra Gallery, Melbourne
The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2014, South Australian Museum. Hobart City Art Prize, Finalist. Tasmania..
‘Art in the Embassy’, United States Embassy Canberra.
SOFA Chicago. Kirra Galleries, Melbourne

Tree, Canberra Glassworks.
Revere, Sabbia Sydney.

Undercurrent Design Market National Portrait Gallery
Winter Lights, Kirra Gallery, Melbourne.
Anima, TCA, Lanyon Gallery, ACT.
Modern Market, Craft Act and Molongolo Group Canberra.

SOFA Chicago, Kirra Galleries, Melbourne.
‘Osmosis’ Exhibition with Tevita Havea at Kirra Gallery Melbourne.
“Alphabet” Craft ACT, Canberra.
Winter Lights, Kirra Gallery, Melbourne

‘Glimpse’ Chalk Horse Gallery, Sydney.

SOFA Chicago and SOFA Sante Fe, Riley Gallery, USA.
‘Winter Lights’, Kirra Gallery Melbourne.
Inaugural Undercurrent Design Survey, National Portrait Gallery, ACT

SOFA Chicago, Riley Gallery, USA.
Artisans in the Garden, Botanical Gardens Sydney.
Wheaton Village Glass Weekend, Riley Gallery, Cleveland USA.
Collect @ Saatchi Gallery, co. Raglan Manly
P3, Palm Beach Art Fair; Riley Gallery, USA.

SOFA, Chicago, Riley Gallery, Cleveland, USA.
Matthew Curtis and Harriet Schwarzrock, Riley Gallery, Cleveland, USA.
“Capital Glass”, Kirra Gallery, Melbourne,VIC, Australia.
Regional Gallery Art Festival, Cowra, NSW.
‘Q’ Opening Exhibition. Queanbeyan NSW, AU.

‘New from Australia’, Chappell Gallery N.Y., N.Y.
SOFA, Chicago, Raglan Gallery, Sydney.
‘Little drop of Kindness’, Craft and Design Centre, ACT.

‘Red Christmas’, Work Shop Bilk, Queanbeyan. NSW.
‘Mintures in Glass’, Work Shop Bilk, Queanbeyan. NSW.

Kamberra Wines, Canberra, group show.
‘Verge’, Top Floor Gallery, Adelaide, in conjunction with GAS 05.

‘Reflections’, Sydney College of the Art Survey, Wagga Wagga.
Summer’, Fehraltorf, Switzerland.
‘Talente’, Craft Australia, Muenich, Germany.
Newspace S.C.A, Scholarship Exhibition.
Sydney College of the Arts Degree Show.
‘This Way Up’, Object Galleries C.F.C.C Syney.
International Glass Arts Exhibition, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Glenaeon Craft Arts Student Exhibition, Glenaeon School, Sydney.
Student Show, Ausglass Conference, Wagga Wagga.
Sydney College of the Arts Degree Show.
‘Pacific Wave’, Bondi Pavillion, Sydney.
Helen Lempiere Travelling Art Scholarship.
N.S.W. Ministry of the Arts, Artspace,Sydney.
Art Award Exhibition, Tap Gallery, Sydney.
Student Show, Ausglass Conference, Sydney.


Sydney College of the Arts, Honors. Sydney University.

Sydney College of the Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Glass Studio.


Australia Council, New Works Grant.
Queanbeyan Palerang regional Council Art Award
Inaugural Art Group 6 month residency at the Canberra Glassworks

Canberra Glassworks Artist in Residence.
Capital Arts Patron Organization, Canberra Weekly Award.

Waterhouse Natural Science and Art, Sculpture prize,
Museum of South Australia.

William Fletcher Trust Grant

Pilchuck Glass School Travel Assistance
Willoughby Council Arts and Culture Grant

Gerome De Costa Memorial Award, Sydney College of the Arts


Assistant for Steven Cole Neon Workshop at Canberra Glassworks.

Professional Neon Workshop at Canberra Glassworks with Richard Wheater.

Martin Janecky  workshop Canberra Glassworks.

Collection of Canberra Museum and Gallery.

Katherine Grey workshop, Canberra Glassworks, ACT.

Participated in Giles Bettison’s Murrine workshop; ANU School of Art.

Attended Lino Tagliapietra demonstration, Jam Factory, Adelaide.

Studio assistant to Matthew Curtis, set up of our studio /home Queanbeyan, NSW.

Studio Assistant to Matthew Curtis at Creative Glass Zurich, Switzerland.

Studio Assistant Denizen Glass, Sydney.

Studio assistant to Richard Whiteley, Sydney.
Assistance at Yoshi Takehashi workshop, Sydney College of the Arts.
Attended Yoshi Takehashi workshop, Jam Factory, Adelaide.
Volunteer, Ausglass Conference, Wagga Wagga.

Studio assistance At Denizen Glass Sydney for
Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott and for Richard Whiteley.
Hot Glass workshop, ANU, Michael Scheiner Canberra.
Studio assistant ‘Innovations in Glass’, Suzi Barnes, Sydney.

Assisted Glass Artist Gallery at SOFA Chicago.
Studio assistant for Laura Donefer, Ontario, Canada.
Hot glass assistant for Laura Donefer at Pilchuck Glass School and at Corning Studios, NY USA.
Studio assistant Stephen Rolf Powell, KY, USA.
Workshop assistant to Laura Donefer, Ausglass conference, Sydney.
Volunteer coordinator Ausglass conference, Sydney.