Amanda Louden creates beautiful blown glass vessels decorated with Botanical themes, Marine life, Frogs and Insects.

Amanda Louden is a hot glass blower specialising in decorative sandblasting. She graduated from Chisholm Institute (now Monash University) in 1983 with a Bachelor of Art, Ceramic Design with a major in Hot Glass. Since graduating she has continued to blow her own glass which she uses as a canvas for her own designs. She has had several successful solo exhibitions and exhibited in many group shows throughout Australia.

She hires a hot glass studio for a few weeks a year where she is able to make pieces to a preconceived colour and shape spending the remaining months decorating the glass. The process involves masking pieces with tape then drawing images on the surface. The tape is then cut and areas removed before the piece is sandblasted. This time-consuming process is repeated several times to achieve depth and intricacy with engraving often used to add detail.

Her themes include, frogs, insects and marine life but her main focus is botanicals with an emphasis on Australia’s diverse flora. Her pieces have a distinctly Australian feel making them ideal gifts of protocol. International collectors often purchase her work as a memory of time spent in Australia but mostly the works are purchased by collectors who share a love of the subject and admire the artistry of Amanda’s original designs.

Her work is now included in many private collections throughout the world. Notable collections include, The National Art Glass Collection Wagga,  the Modern Glass Collection of the Hamilton Regional Gallery and Government House, Canberra.


Gryphin Gallery. Melbourne.“83 Out”
Chisholm Institute. Melbourne. “Cut and Run”
Meat Market Craft Centre. Melbourne.

MGM Glass Gallery. Melbourne

The Elgin Gallery. Melbourne. Solo.

Oxley College. Melbourne.
Highway Gallery. Melbourne.

Whitefriars College. Victoria. Glass Exposure
The Elgin Gallery. Melbourne. Solo

Society for Growing Australian Plants. Melbourne.

Bamfurlong, Handorf. South Australia. “A Five Five Star Event”.

Carnsworth Art Show. Melbourne.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.
Tintern Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.

CSDC Exhibition, Melbourne. Solo.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.

Royal Botanic Gardens. Sydney. “Botanica. The Art of the Plant”
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne,
Kirra Galleries, Southgate, Melbourne, Solo.

Berrima Galleries. NSW.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.
Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. Solo.
Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. Group Show.

Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. Solo
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.
Royal Botanic Gardens. Sydney. “Artisans in the Gardens”

Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.
Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. Solo and Group show.
Hillcrest Gallery. Melbourne.

Kirra Galleries Melbourne. Solo.

Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.

Beaver Gallery. Canberra.

Kingston Arts Centre. Melbourne. “Local Express”.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne
Monash University Gallery. “25 Twenty Five Years of Monash Glass”.

Monsalvat. Victoria. “Wildlife”.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.
Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. Solo.

Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.

Caulfield Grammar Art Show.
Ferny Creek Horticultural Society. Victoria.

Object Gallery. Sydney. “Botanicals”.

Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. Solo.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.

Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. “Light in Winter”.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.
Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. “MM10. Masters and Mentors”.

Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. “Light in Winter”.
Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. “ A Natural World”.

Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. “ A Light in Winter”.
Caulfield Grammar Art Show. Melbourne.

Kirra Galleries. Melbourne. “The Third Dimension, Masters in Carved and Etched Glass”.
Lasting Impressions Gallery. Qld.
Royal Botanic Gardens. Sydney. “Artisans in the Gardens”.

Kirra Galleries.  Melbourne. Finalist KIGA. Kirra Illuminated Glass Award.

Lasting Impressions Gallery. Qld.

Kirra Galleries.Melbourne. “Natural Selection” Solo.

Native bluebells vase- Tricodesma zeylanicum


Black grevillea vase- Grevillea scortechinii


Green kangaroo paw vase-Anigozanthos virus


Green adventurine gum nut vase


Platytheca galioides vase


Flowering forked sundew vase- Drosera binata


Dancing spider orchids vase-Caladenia discoidea


Dolphins vase


Red beaks orchid bowl- Lyperanthus nigricans


Ivory curl flower bowl-Buckinghamia celsissima


Showy Dryandra bowl- Banksia formosa


River Red Gum bowl- Eucalyptus camaldulensis


Green spider orchids bowl-Caladenia sp


Yellowtail Blue Damselfish bowl- Chrysiptera sp


Southern cross bowl- Xanthosia rotundifolia


Ploughshare Wattle bowl-Acacia gunnii


Yellow garland lily plate- Calostemma luteum


Southern cross plate- Xanthosia rotundifolia


Waratah plate- Telopea speciosissima


Cactus flower plate


Albany Pitcher Plant paperweight- Cephalotus follicularis


Blue squill paperweight-Chamaescilla spiralis


Coral Gum cylinder- Eucalyptus torquata


Blue Lechenaultia plate- Lechenaultia biloba


Green Callistemon by Amanda Louden


Grevillea bipimatifida by Amanda Louden.


Clownfish sphere by Amanda Louden


Red flowered mallee plate by Amanda Louden


Flowering gum bowl by Amanda Louden


Beetle vase by Amanda Louden


Gum nut bowl by Amanda Louden


Wasp vase


Clematis vase


Kunzea ambigua plate


Geraldton Wax – Chamelaucium uncinatum vase


Fairy Aprons-Utricularia multifida vase


Fuchsia vase


Dragonfly vase


Quandong – Santalum acuminatum paperweight


Lizard paperweight


Black Kangaroo Paw – Macropedia fuliginosa vase


Southern Upsidedown Pipefish vase


Ghost Pipefish vase


Large Wax Flower -Chamelaucium megapetalum vase


Spider Orchids – Caladenia sp. vase.


Blue Squill -Chamaescilla spitalis footed plate


Dragonfly vase


Silver mallet – Eucalyptus ornata vase


Austral Cranesbill – Geranium solanderi bowl


Veined Wattle – Acacia urophylla vase


Turtles vase by Amanda Louden


Flannel Flowers vase by Amanda Louden


Mistletowe vase


Lemon Scented Darwinia paperweight


Stylidium Scandens vase.


Gum vase (red)


Seahorse vase (green)


Fuchsia Bowl


Flowering Gum vase (blue)


Flame Tree bowl


Firewheel sphere


Bug vase (orange)


Seahorse vase (blue, green)