Scott Chaseling

Scott Chaseling’s practice reveals sculptures that represents a space between a sense of place and one of being lost. Chaseling presents art works relating to Heterotopia (a place between Utopia and Dystopia).

He studied sculpture at the South Australian College of the Arts and then as an associate at the Jam Factory in Adelaide. Glass has been his primary medium for over thirty years. He has travelled and exhibited in many countries, developing work in new locations through teaching, residencies and workshops. Scott lived and worked in Japan, England, France and Germany before returning to Canberra, Australia where he is currently a PhD candidate at the ANU School of Art & Design in the sculpture workshop.

Throughout his career he has been awarded numerous prizes and awards such as the Gold Medal of the Bavarian State Prize, Germany, the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Award. His artwork is represented in many national and international public collections, including Museum Kunst Palast, Germany, the National Gallery of Australia and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan. Recent solo exhibitions have been in the European Museum of Contemporary Glass, Germany, the Musee du Verre, France and Canberra Museum and Gallery.

These artworks constructed of overlayed colours which are blown and then etched away, build a narrative of a space that consists as a state of becomingness. Liminality, in this application, is characterised by the unsuspecting, abstraction and innocence.

As a series they are titled ‘Homeland’, to which there are two sub groups, ‘Motherland and Fatherland’.  This group ‘Motherland’ takes its colour palette from the Australian indigenous flag. Theses colours are used as site markers and therefore positioning the works. ( The ‘Fatherland’ group used blue white black referencing English and Delft ceramics)The narratives are frozen moments in a whole. They can be read by the viewer as their own.

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