LaurelLaurel’s blown glass sculptures focus on the notion of keepsakes and the nature of preciousness.

Laurel Graduated from Monash University with her Bachelor of Applied Arts (honours) in 2002 and went on to study her Masters of Fine Arts graduating in 2011. Since then she has been in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally including SOFA Chicago represented by Kirra Galleries. She has won several grants and  awards and her work resides in many private collections which include The Australian Parliament House.

“As an object maker I am fascinated by the way people form attachments to the things in their lives. I wish to investigate this and mainly my work has focussed around the concept of jewellery as it is personal, precious and sentimental. I wanted to look at jewellery in a different way – scaling up the objects so that the viewer could at once recognise the form but also ponder the nature of preciousness and perhaps the meaning of their own keepsakes.”

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