Kevin Gordon

Kevin’s inspiration for his intricately carved layered glass vessels is found in the underlying mathematical formulas found in nature.

Born in Norway in 1968, Kevin emigrated to Scotland and then to Australia in 1980. His skills in working with glass developed through the influence of his parents, Rish and Alasdair Gordon, both leading glass engravers of international standing.

He exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally at high profile exhibitions such as Collect London and SOFA Chicago. He has won many major art prizes and his work resides in acclaimed private and public collections throughout the world. Some of these include The National Gallery Collection, The Western Australian Gallery Collection, The National Art Gallery Scotland and The National Art Glass Collection Wagga Wagga.

“In the design process I look at how nature evolves, and  the underlying logic and formulas that create nature’s designs.  Not to imitate but to see how it is formed. I use this by breaking down the image to the basic elements or fractals which repeat in a form of mathematical formula that build up to make the whole design. I challenge myself in creating these patterns and transposing them onto the layered glass surface,  pushing the boundaries with the skills I have developed in the cold working process to exhibit and expose the many qualities of glass.  I work in conjunction with other skilful artists with the hot glass and its many applied processes to finally achieve my finished works. “

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