Kayo Yokoyama

Kayo engraves her beautiful blown clear glass vessels with etherial landscapes from two different worlds.

Kayo obtained a bachelor of Visual Arts Honours from Sydney University in 2001 and gained a Master of Fine Arts in 2012, Since graduating she has worked tirelessly perfecting her art and has constantly exhibited throughout Australia. In 2016 she was invited to exhibit  at SOFA Chicago with Kirra Galleries. She carves and engraves vessels with haunting images of landscapes and trees influenced by her childhood in Japan.

“As a child I wanted to reject my inherited culture in favour of the dominant Western culture, only to turn back after migrating to Australia and embrace again these landscapes from two homelands.

A chair is waiting for someone to sit, to view and to feel homeland again.  My works are about being enlightened in the world that we belong.”

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