Jonathon Westacott

Jonathon’s beautiful layered blown vessels are used as a canvas for his original drawings. His inspiration comes from ancient trees found in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast and wilderness areas around Australia.

He Graduated from Charles Sturt University in 1987 with a B.A. in Visual Arts. He completed a traineeship at the Jam Factory glass studio in Adelaide and worked as a practising artist while lecturing at the University of South Australia. He moved to the  Sunshine Coast where he worked with Chris Pantano for 12 years. In 2004 he set up the Sunshine Coast Hot Glass Studio where he independently explores and develops ideas and skills whilst continuing to work with other glass artists.

The designs he creates are inspired by natural forms and patterns which he  combines with colours that reflect particular environmental conditions. He  is fascinated with mans’ interaction in the landscape and the desire to express consciousness through art.

“My  most recent work is focused on using  glass as a three dimensional canvas for my drawings. I begin by travelling to wilderness areas around my home on the Sunshine Coast in search of old trees that inspire me to capture their story. A recent trip to Kakadu National Park found me hiking up to Jim Jim Falls (anjimjim) and standing on the escarpment overlooking the gorge. The escarpment trail is named after the black wallaroo (Barrk Marlam) which live in the stone county. Gunlom is a waterfall in the southern end of Arnhem Land flowing into the South Alligator River.

Drawing in pen and ink enables me to create a resist for the surface of the glass. I can carve away excess colours to reveal the image – much like a sculptor revealing a figure from marble.”

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