Gerry King

Gerry King’s mesmerising kiln formed glass panels and sculptures are the result of more than forty years experimenting with the medium.

Gerry is an artist and designer specialising in contemporary glass. His work is exhibited, collected and published internationally and held in some twenty public collections worldwide. Orientated towards exhibiting, he is also sought for design and architectural projects.

He first worked with glass while undertaking postgraduate studies in the USA during the early 70s. Originally trained as a glassblower he now works with a wide variety of techniques to create masterful works often with an underlying socio-political  commentary. He holds a variety of academic awards in art and education culminating in a Doctor of Creative Arts from The University of Wollongong awarded in 1993. In the 1980s he was instrumental in the development of the Glass Studies course at the University of South Australia. On occasion he is engaged as a commissioned artist or designer, consultant, author, workshop leader, lecturer and presenter of conference papers both nationally and internationally.

His experience and skill enable him to create a body of work that is both highly crafted but also fluid, where he has allowed for the outcome to have some serendipity in the firing process.  He uses  pre-fired glass patterns within cast glass to create works filled with colour and translucency, trapping the memory of time and landscape within.

‘My landscape influenced works are not depictions of specific views but rather a record of the emotional experience occasioned by recollections of colour and forms. I am also inspired by rural districts I often visit. Some are in the rain shadow of the Adelaide Hills and during summer the grass covered slopes are a harsh dry brown but in winter they are radiant with a resplendent swaying green. The contrast is so stark that it barely seems possible. These valleys are a short distance from my home which is located on a high rainfall, tall tree covered steep hill. This difference is startling, illustrating the change wrought upon landscape by availability of water’.

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