Brenden Scott FrenchBrenden’s kiln formed glass panels, sculptures and vessels depict the evolution of a familiar landscape over a geological timeline.

He works from his  studio in the beautiful rolling hills of the Barossa Valley, South Australia where much of his artistic expression is  inspired by this idyllic location and shaped by the changing seasons on the landscape.  He is recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative artists having mastered the art of hot glass blowing and kiln forming using innovative techniques learned from years of exploration with the material process.

‘I’m fascinated by paradox and I’m at times overwhelmed by beauty. I spend hours contemplating the relationship between things in order to clarify the absurdities of transitional permanence. I examine hazards to connectivity. In the real and in the imaginary, my work has patiently evolved. As my understanding of the material develops so too does my relationship with the world.’

Brenden’s works depict the evolution of a familiar landscape over a geologic timeline. Works that are portrayals of kiln forming and hot glass processes but also motifs for the industry of human intervention upon the land.

He has trained extensively in glass practice, completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the Sydney College of the Arts in 1997, the Associate of Design program at Jamfactory Contemporary Craft and Design in 1999 and a Bachelor of Art with Honours at the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University in 2003.

During the past fifteen years he has exhibited extensively both in Australia and overseas at venues such as Saatchi Gallery, London, UK, William Traver Gallery, Seattle, USA and SOFA Chicago with Kirra Galleries AUS.

Brenden was an exhibitor in the recent survey exhibition Links – Australian Glass and the Pacific Northwest and was a finalist in Australasia’s richest prize for glass artists, the inaugural Fuse Glass Prize 2016, a new biennial prize for Australian and New Zealand artists. He was the recipient of the Stephen Procter Fellowship (2007).

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