Bethany Wheeler

Bethany’s evocative imagery on her detailed kiln formed glass panels and sculptures embrace the concepts of memory and space.

She obtained a Master of Fine Art degree from Monash University in 2003 and has been exhibiting her work both nationally & internationally for 15 years.  She has several years of experience as a Studio Technician & Lecturer & has taught and  assisted in many kiln forming and casting workshops.  Her work ranges from studio glass to found object assemblage sculpture, jewellery, design, awards and trophies.

In 2013 she established 1000 Degrees Glass Studios, a communal kiln forming & cold working studio in Melbourne.  In 2017 she travelled to the remote community of Balgo to work with the renowned Warlayriti Artists on The Desert, River, Sea project for an exhibition at The Art Gallery of Western Australia in 2018.  Her success is recognised both nationally & internationally via her extensive exhibitions, corporate & public commissions.  Bethany’s work can be found in private & public collections including the National Glass Art Collection of Australia.

“My work embraces concepts of memory, place and what lies at the end of our perceptions through material paradoxes. I am  particularly drawn to working with glass because we live in vitreous environments; it’s a material that surrounds us in almost every part of life. Glass allows light to fill space, letting objects casually materialise and dematerialise simultaneously whilst describing interior and exterior space. It is charged with fascinating material paradoxes, fragility, solidity, liquid, solid, transparent, translucent, opaque – it is a hybrid that illustrates notions of the human condition and ways of seeing.”

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